Monday, December 31, 2012

Full Moon Hunt

He walked in the bar.

She was already sitting, alone.

He approached.

She smiled.

He offered drinks.

She gladly accepted.

He commented on her honey-coated complexion, short black hair, the Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume clinging seductively from her, playing with his senses.

She liked his dark skin, scruffy chin hair, his rugged build, the gold hue in his green eyes when the bar lights hit them just right.

They talked and laughed and danced.

He stole a kiss.
She stole one back.

They continued to steal kisses even as they left the bar and stole kisses down the street to her hotel room.

They ripped each others clothes off and started fucking like animals. Raw and natural, fun and nasty.

She flipped him on the bottom and rode him. 

He loved it.
She pulled a knife from under the pillow and put it to his throat.

Now he's hating it.

“Well fuck, never expected to have my night end like this.” 

“Well sugar, it's all business. Part of the job, actually.”
“The job, huh? I'm guessing hunter, maybe.”

“You guess right. Nice dick, by the way.”

“You're still on it.” He grinds on her from the bottom.

She bites her bottom lips, not letting go of the knife. “I know. Feels good. Thought I'd give you a good fuck before you take a perma nap.”

“Fuck me to sleep, that's a new one” he chuckles. “How about one more round, then we'll see where it goes from there.”

She smiles, still holding the knife to his neck. The hunter starts to grind on him again.

Minutes later, they're fucking like animals, raw and natural. Thirty minutes later, the wolf flips her on bottom, thrusting and growling like the wolf he is.

The hunter throws the knife to the ground. He stops and looks curiously. She slaps the shit out of him.

“You asshole.” She kisses him and the fun continues.


An hour has past, and the hunter still hasn't killed the wolf. She's sliced his ass up pretty good with her knife, and he's clawed her up nicely. Both are bleeding, both are smiling.

“Ready to give up?”

“Ready to die?”

“Better have tried, baby. Pussy was good, though. If yours came in a can...?

She kicks him in the face. “Ohhh you fucken ass! My pussy's too good for a goddamn can!”

He slaps her hard. “Bitch please! That's straight up can status!”

She tackles him into the already wrecked furniture. He's laughing and having a good time while she's getting pissed. She starts wailing on his face, and he still laughs. After a minute of hitting...

“Know what?”

“Who fucking cares!”

“You should. Here's your knife.”

He stabs the knife deep in her leg, the hunter screaming in pain. He throws her off, and grabs his clothes, still laughing. He winks at her as he dresses.

“That eye is mine the next time I see you, asshole.”

“See you around, sweets.” He exits out the door, leaving her beaten and alone in miserable thoughts.

I got too into it, she sighs in her head. That bod, those moves. Fuck, I always do this.

She crawls to her bag, grabs her cellphone, makes a call, and tosses the cell on the floor. The pain's getting worse, but the others will take care of it. They always do.

Minutes later a fellow hunter arrives, but he's holding something behind him.

Hey”, saying through clinched teeth.

Hey yourself. Thinks this belongs to you.” He tosses the head of her wolf at her feet. She looks a the head, silently.

Go ahead and say it.”

Bitch you fucked up. Again. Gettin' tired of cleanin' up your shit.” He kneels down by her wounded leg, roughly extracts the knife, and placing both hands on the wound, he silently says a prayer in Spanish. The wound starts healing, but she still feels like a fuck up.

Thank you. Owing you is becoming a habit.”

You always know how you can repay me.” He half smiles.

She looks at him then at the bed.

She smiles.

Monday, December 17, 2012

All Money Ain't Good Money - Episode 9

     10 minutes ago
Elyssa, the badass Alpha Angel, stood on her own feet after the fight, pushing Jackie's dead ass body off her like so much garbage, which that bitch was. She paid the price for an attempted double-cross; her life. I patched El's leg up with a first aid kit we kept in the house and tried to make it as clean as I could. Lamar held her hand the whole time I dug a few shots out from her leg. She didn't scream.

      5 minutes ago
El and Lamar drive south with no direction as I take the motorcycle to duval's crib. I told her to drive until the gas ran out and I'd follow as soon as I could. She knew this fight was personal to me, and she knew she had to get our son as far away as she could.
I gave my boy a hug and kiss. My whole reason for living these past nine years. I'll make sure after tonight, he'll never have to go thru this bullshit again.
Elyssa? Can't help but be mad at her a bit for all of this. It's the past, but if she would've just came to me first with her troubles, opened up to me a little more, we could've handled this together. Fuck yeah my marriage to that other bitch was an attempt for me to move on, get a real life for our kid, do something. Guess I failed at that. 

I drive to the nigga's house, stomp through the front door, and know one to greet me. Now that's a huge fucken surprise. I'd have thought he'd have a bunch of his boys running interference like some movie thug. Duval's voice blaring over the intercom isn't a surprise.

“Bring yo ass to the living room, nigga. I got a fresh bag of tricks just for ya, nigga!”

Ain't gotta tell me twice.

I make my way to Duval's living room. He's waiting for me and dressed for a fight: jeans, boots, tank top, his hands wrapped. None of that's gonna help. He smiles that shitty cheshire grin, and I'm gonna enjoy knocking that shit off his face.

“What it do, nephew. Always told you a ho makes you weak. Can't make a ho a housewife, you know that rule.” He points to the couch. “El knows how to work a nigga on that couch, let me tell ya. All latinas know how to bounce those hips and ass.” He mocks me as he makes humping motions in the air, and I lose it.

I rush him like a defensive tackle, ramming him into the wall and headbutting him in the face. Blood pours out his nose and I smash an elbow to his nose. Tough bastard takes it. He turns the fight around by kneeing me in the jimmy, and it's my turn to drop.

“Family feud, just the way I like it, babyboy!” He kicks me in my side. I feel something move that pisses my body off big time. Pain shoots through my side.“Damn mutts in the fam always got on my fuckin' nerves. Didn't know if I should've said nigga, spic, peck, or trog to you lil muthafuckas!”

He kicks me some more in the same spot, making my body disagree with each kick. He yanks me up by my shirt. It hurts to stand. “Been waiting for you to come back. Knew you'd always need one more thing from me, so I took something from you.”

He socks me in the face, still hanging on to my shirt.

“I took your girl.”

He does it again.

“I took your dignity!”

And again.

“I took your wife, nigga!”

I laugh at that one.

“You can have the fat fuck.” I spit in his face and he socks me again, this time letting me go and I fall on my knees. Duval kneels beside me. It's his turn to laugh.

“Check it, nephew.” He grabs my chin and points it in the direction of the patio. Standing in the doorway is Wilda, wearing a tight black dress and tons lighter. She's posing like some porn star, but to me, she'll always be that piece of shit who didn't try. She walks to us, squats in front of me, and pokes her finger on my forehead.

“Mmm. Love a man on his knees. Don't know about the man part, far as your sorry ass is concerned.” She slaps me, and I laugh some more. That pisses her off and she slaps me again. Pushing Duval's hand from my face, she grabs me by the chin and comes face to face with me. “Sick fuck, I forgot you like the rough shit. Is it that funny, baby?”

“Not as funny as this.” I headbutt her on her nose, causing blood to explode everywhere and she falls back. I swing an elbow on Duval's chin, stunning him. I pick him up by the shirt and knee him in the nuts. Pay back.

I turn to Wilda and push her down with my shoe as she tries to get back up. Years of anger boil over as I look at her. She looks at me, the anger in my eyes making her tremble. I see Duval slowly getting up from the corner of my eye and I kick him in the side several times so he stays down. Wilda jumps on my back, screaming and cursing and slapping me on the head. I flip her over my shoulder and slam the fuck out of her on the floor. I mount her, death-gripping her throat.

“You're right. I'm a hella sick fuck! Tired of tramps like you and Duval fuckin' wit my life while I'm trying to do good!” I spit in her face and whisper in her ear: “This is how sick fucks do work.”

I unload bombs on her sorry ass for 10 seconds. Every hit draws blood and crunches and memories: of “my kid”; of me wasting my time for two and a half years on a lazy fuckless bitch; her hurtful words as she waddled out the door after Christmas.

I wipe my bloody hands on her dress before standing and turning back to Duval, who's staggered back to his feet. Nigga swings a wild haymaker and misses. My front kick doesn't, slamming him into the wall. We talk as I grip his throat.

“We're done, without question. You tried to keep me in something I didn't want a part of anymore. Just wanted some help from fam, get mine, and I'm done. This shit is your fault. Now you have beef with your Phoenix crew. They'll be blood, and I won't be around for it. Too bad. I'd like to see who's left standing.” Duval glares, is silent, and pissed off. “After today, leave me the fuck alone. My family, me, my son, Elyssa. We have this talk again, I'm bringing this whole operation down. You taught me well, and you know I'll do it.”

“That I did, nephew,” he chuckles between painful coughs. “That I did. Now get the fuck outta her before you piss me off and I forget we're blood.” Shit, from everything that's happened, I'd say we forgot. I'm walking out the door when I see a dufflebag full of cash sitting in the middle of the floor. I pick it up and toss it at his feet.

“That's yours, mutt. You earned it.” He kicks the bag back at me and lands by my feet.

“Nope. Remember that crucial lesson? All money ain't good money. Wipe your ass with it for all I care.”

He laughs at me as I walk off. A gun goes off, my left leg goes numb, and fucken wicked pain shoots through my body. Goddamit! I drop to my right leg from big time pain, turning on it to see Wilda—beaten and bloody--pointing a gun at my face. This is the last bitch I was hoping who'd end my life.

Another shot. Fingers, blood, the gun, and a very high scream fly from Wilda.

Another shot. A bullet rips through Duval's left shoulder and he hollers like a bitch.

I look slowly in the direction of the shooter, thinking it's the police and I'm fucked. It's something better. My alpha angel.


But the surprise comes from me seeing who's holding the smoking gun.


Monday, October 15, 2012

All Money Ain't Good Money-Episode 8


“Stay back, son.” I put a hand on his shoulder, letting Lamar know to stay by me and away from what's about to happen.
“But dad, Elyssa--”
“--is handlin' business. This is something damn personal, so let it go. There's a lot riding on this.”

Lamar pushes my hand off his shoulder, and I almost forget he's my son. Almost. “She's hurt! This ain't a fair fight!” His eyes blaze with fire. He wants to get in there and help his momma, to be a part of the action. He's had enough for one night.

“Enough! She's doing this the best way she knows how. Chill and watch.”

Lamar hangs his head in defeat. He turns to watch the rumble that's about to start. He stands next to me, fists balled up by his sides.

Elyssa throws a right punch, connecting with Jackie's left eye. Her head snaps back, but comes back smiling. Jackie answers with a left front kick to the gut, doubling Elyssa over. El doesn't make a sound.

Jackie tries to follow up with with a right roundhouse kick to the head, but it's a feint. Elyssa dodges to the left, the kick throwing Jackie off balance. El throws a right roundhouse of her own to Jackie's thigh, connecting hard and making her buckle to one knee. The kick also hurts El's leg, who got shot earlier in the evening. She shakes her leg, looking at Lamar. El  throws him a wink; he cracks a smile and his grip tightens on my hand.

Jackie bounces back up and attacks El with her full kickboxing skills. Combos of punches and kicks are thrown, some connecting, some missing, some setting things up for more punishment. But for every attack, El counters with her own bombs. All that goes out the door when Elyssa connects with a big haymaker to Jackie's eye, and she counters with a left hook to El's eye. Both women pause, holding their faces.

They growl like dogs at each other, and hell breaks loose.

Finesse is exchanged for raw brawling. They grab hold of each others hair and swing, each punch lands on the others face, sounding like they're clapping hands, each punch getting harder. They scream, kick at each other, throw knees, and take each other to the ground. El's on top smashing Jackie with hammerfists, while Jackie swings and just tries to hit.

Jackie flips Elyssa on her back when she pulls her in close by the hair and bites her cheek. That's when places are exchanged, and Jackie reigns hammerfists on Elyssa. But El's more the street brawler, trapping Jackie's punching arm and thumbing her in the eye. Jackie lets go of Elyssa hair, and applies an armbar on her. It's in deep, even when Jackie tries to roll up and counter the hold by trying to grab her own hand to loosen it, El takes her right back down.

Snap, Jackie's elbow twists in the other direction. Her scream is music to my ears.

Pop, there goes Jackie's shoulder as it dislocates in a direction that it's not meant to go.

Still hanging on to her arm, El rolls Jackie to her stomach and gets her in a rear naked choke, squeezing the fuck out of Jackie's neck, fighting for air, her eyes bulging out at us.

“Gimme a name, ya fucken piece of shit whore! Who drop a name on my family?!”

Jackie's still trying to fight off Elyssa's hold, not caving in to the torture of lack of air. Elyssa eases off the hold a bit and Jackie takes a ragged breath of air. Lamar and I strain our ears in their direction, thinking she said something.

“A name, bitch. Give it up.”

“Mutha...fuck you...”

Elyssa sinks the hold in again, but this time, she scissors her legs around Jackie's waist and squeeze the living hell out of her. She's trying her best to claw Elyssa's face but keeps falling short. She's tries to hit Elyssa's shins to make her let go, and even socks her on the right leg where she was shot; El doesn't let go. She knows what's riding on this, and I know she's doing this for us, the same way I protected her years ago. This is her “thank you” to me.

Suddenly, Jackie can't take anymore. She's tapping Elyssa's leg, and she loosens up.

“Ready to talk? I can do this all fucken night...”

Jackie talks between gasps for air. “ Duval...said Damon wanted to...take over his terr...territory...told us about the...separation...and address...”

My stomach hardens and I wanna throw up. That no good fat fuck helped set us up and put all of us in jeopardy. Most of all, I helped do it. I didn't have to go to my uncle to help me out, but I got desperate. I saw no other choice. Joke's on me.

Elyssa squeezes her legs, making Jackie groan in pain. “Where is she? I know that two-ton bitch is still in Grande somewhere. Talk!” Elyssa squeezes her legs again, this time harder, and this time—judging the way Jackie's eyes widened—she broke a rib or two. She coughs up blood and almost chokes on it.

“She's with Duval at his crib!” shouting matter-of-factly. Satisfied, Elyssa loosens her legs, but maintains the hold.

“Time to go, baby. My turn to dish out an ass-kicking or two.”

“Fuck all ya'll!” Jackie starts laughing, either from pain, or she's about to drop her final bomb. “He's killing all ya'll. He's saving the little punk for last. Gonna make sure he watches both of you die...maybe sell his ass to some dirty old bastards who like little boys.” Lamar's trembling, burying his face in my side.

It's a good thing he did. 

The lioness in Elyssa roars back to life and clamps down on Jackie like an anaconda squeezing it's prey. Jackie makes a gurgling sound, her hands and feet quiver.

Seconds later, Elyssa twists and there goes Jackie's neck. As well as her life.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All Money Ain't Good Money-Episode 7

The house is quiet. Too quiet. Lamar peeks an eye open to see Elyssa standing and pointing her gun at something.

There's a whisper in the air.

Then a blast.

All is quiet again. Elyssa doesn't make a sound as the shot grazes her leg and blood splatters the wall behind her. Lamar gasps loudly and slams his eyes shut, wishing he didn't see that. A strong grip on his arm pulling him up makes him swing in desperation, almost connecting with Elyssa. She rushes him into the wall and holds him tight.

“Lamar, it's okay! C'mon baby, momma's fine.”

Her heart drops as she realizes what came from her mouth. Elyssa's a statue, afraid of looking her son in the eyes at the moment. Lamar stops struggling, a statue himself. What's worse, he doesn't know if he wants to hug or slap her at the moment. Elyssa snaps out of her “oh shit” moment.

“Let's go. No time to waste. We have to meet Damon.”


Lamar holds her hand and smiles. Elyssa grabs her jacket as they leave, quickly putting it on, grabbing Lamar's hand again as she guides them carefully to the back door, stepping over the dead body...and both hear the sound of approaching sirens. She runs with him up the small incline which is the backyard that leads to a cu-de-sac, where Elyssa parked her motorcycle: a Ninja 250r Blue. As she mounts up and Lamar takes the rear seat, her mind on Plan A, she enjoys the indescribable feeling of her son's arms around her waist, his head resting on her back. She's happy, but will be happier once they reach the safehouse.

Elyssa reaches into her pocket and pulls out a Bluetooth earpiece. Placing it in her ear, she starts the bike and drives down the street as several cop cars drive past them. She says a name in the earpiece:

“Damon.” The phone rings twice, a familiar voice answers.

“Tell me everything's okay,” Damon's deep voice states more than questions.

“Everything's okay. We're headed to the safehouse now.” Elyssa pauses, her heart racing, taking a deep inhale-exhale. “Lamar knows.”

The line is quiet. The motorcycle engine breaks the silence. 

“It was a matter of time. I don't blame you.”

“You should, since it was my fault he found out.”

“Still don't blame you. It was either you or me that was gonna slip eventually.”

“Not to change the subject, but we were attacked. I was grazed on the right thigh by a shotgun. I'll fix it up when we get to safety.”

Silence again for a moment. “We're fixing this. Tonight. My uncle's leaving us the fuck alone. Then we're outta here for good.”

“Dynamic Duo together again, huh?”

“Wouldn't have it any other way.” Another pause from Damon. “Sorry for all this, El. Wasn't exactly the way I wanted a family reunion.”

“Damon, I love you. We've given each other something we've been missing from our lives, and that's real love. Now's our chance to start fresh and make a better life for Lamar. Not saying you haven't done a good job, you really gave it a go, but the fat bitch? C'mon, were you that damn desperate?”

They laugh for a minute, with Lamar chiming in. “Really, what was he thinking? Would she have been able to protect me like this? Heck no! The Pillsbury Doughboy wouldn't touch that!”

Elyssa laughs, as does Damon, when she tells him what Lamar said. “Well, Dee, if you starved me from sex like that, that'd give this bitch motivation for revenge, big time. Hell, I'd get payback just to see you suffer!”

It's then that Elyssa realizes the attack on the house, how they knew how to hit it, when to hit it, that someone told Duval's crew how to attack the house.

“What's up, El. You got quiet.

“That bitch gave you up.”

“What bitch?”

“You're fat ass bitch of a wife. She gave you up. I bet it was her who told Duval all kinds of bullshit that's making all this go bad now.”

“Wouldn't doubt it. I'd be no fuckin' surprise for me. And speaking of surprises, I got one for you when we meet up in a few.”

Elyssa beams. “Better be a good one.”
“Damn right it is.”

Damon hangs up. Elyssa's leg is bothering her. The shot must've been more damaging that originally thought. Ten minutes after hanging up with Damon, the safehouse in Baderville come into view, and a wave of peace settles over her. Both her and Damon kept this place just in case of trouble like this. Damon had been out the game for a minute, Elyssa still in it. Both agreed to keep this house on the down low from everyone in case they needed to disappear for a while. Now was the time.


Lamar literally jumps off the bike and run to Damon before Elyssa stops it. Lamar jumps in his dad's arms, hugging tightly and crying on his shoulder. Elyssa lets them have their moment...until she sees Jackie step out of the car, nose and eye swollen. Glaring at Elyssa as she steps around the car and leans against the driver door, Elyssa gets off her bike and steps to Jackie.

“You fucked up. Damon doesn't hit females for no reason.”

“Trick, it's been handled. I don't need--”

“She set me up” Damon cuts in. He tells Elyssa the whole story: the drop off, the chase, the wrecks, the killings. “Still doesn't explain who else besides Duval set this up, but after our talk on the phone, I'm guessing who else is behind this, but I need conformation before we get her.”

Elyssa stands face to face with Jackie. “Well?”

“Ya'll just gotta kill me. I ain't giving up shit, I ain't no snitch.”

“No, but you're smart, and you're a survivor.” Elyssa gives Jackie an evil grin. “You hate me, I hate you. No secret there. I'm getting a name from you, no matter what. So here's the deal...”

Elyssa steps away from Jackie, taking off her jacket, unclips the holster from her belt, takes off her shoes and boot knife. She tosses the goods by her bike and stands a few feet from Jackie, loosening her shoulders like a fighter and pointing to her leg. “You're starting with a handicap. I've been shot in the leg by a 12-gauge and it's starting to hurt bad the same way it hurts looking at your face.”

“Fuck you, cunt!” Jackie raises off the car, but doesn't advance on Elyssa.

“Fuck with me, let's see how far you get!” Elyssa raises her arm, showing Jackie to come get some. “Once and for all. You win, you leave here no problems and we'll wait for Duval to come here to do his worse.”

Jackie slowly nods, now interested. “You win?”

“You give us the name of who else is behind this shit, and you'll still get to live. But you don't tell anyone where we're at. Deal?”

Jackie confidently looks Elyssa in the eyes as she takes off her jacket, boots, and earrings, tossing everything at her feet. She flips Elyssa off.

“Gonna enjoy hearing about the crew killing all your asses. Especially the brat.”

Elyssa says nothing to Jackie, but continues the evil smile. She has no intention of letting Jackie live.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

All Money Ain't Good Money-Episode 6

Driving a bad ass metal beast in the form of a 2012 Mustang is always my idea of a good time. I've always admired power and finesse.

Doing a money run for Duval at 2-something A.M. on I-17 South going to Phoenix? It's a job that can kiss my entire ass. I'd rather be home with my kid than doing this shit right now.

My conscious feels better having sent Elyssa to check on my babyboy. Knowing him, he searched through my room looking for shit. I just hope he didn't find anything he wasn't supposed to. Look who his parents are; he's too damn smart for his own good. I'll worry about it later.

The radar's been quiet. It shouldn't worry me, but it does. It doesn't help that he sent one of his bitches to tag along. No, I don't like the cunt. Jackie and I have never seen eye to eye on shit. We came in at the same time long ago, but I left. She thought she'd rise up in rank after I left, and for sticking around after Jones did some time. Not the case.

Jackie stayed loyal, though. 

She kept things running on the outside, keeping his boys in check, still making that bank for him. Dumb bitch. Knowing her the way I do, she kept a little sumpin' sumpin' in case she needed to make an exit, stage right. That much she was smart about. How does he repay her for years of loyalty?

She has to be my bitch for the night, no goddamn questions about it, and no questioning me. I love it like homemade brownies.

Jackie's quiet, no doubt fuming about the order, but hot damn does she look good. She keeps herself in fighting shape, thanks to her kickboxing. She traded in her usual jeans and baby tee for black stretch pants, heeled boots, and a Baby Phat leather vest for this occasion.

“Stop eyeing me like a piece of cake.” She turns to glare at me: “Still can't believe he put you in charge of this caper. You're the ass who left, not me! The fuck am I gettin' punished for?” She rolls her window down to let in the warm night air. “And that shit-for-smelling body spray you have on? New brand, baby.”

Jackie's crybaby self-pity bullshit makes me laugh. “Never figured yo ass for a whiner. Bad as you act? I'm actually disappointed. Hell, you act more mannish than most men I know.”

“Fuck you! What the hell do you know, ya damn mutt! It's fuckin' insulting being shotgun on this ride.” She reaches into a vest pocket and pulls out a fat joint. She lights up and takes a big inhale that gets me high just watching her hit it. “It's yo ass that should be riding shotgun, not me” repeating herself through exhales. Yup, gonna be a long ride.

It's quiet while she finishes her joint. I know she's right, that's why I have the hush mouth. Jackie should be the one running this, not me. Don't need the hostility from her or others in Duval's crew. I just wanted to get in, make some cash, get out and get out this fucking state and start over with my mijo. I knew in the back of my mind that Duval would get used to me doing work for him again and would try keeping me in. Fuckface. I don't know if I mean him or me.


Several Impalas are waiting for us when we hit the Metro Center Mall at 3:30. I pull up and reverse to one of the cars, our trunks a few feet away from each other. The cars are surrounded by some of Duval's boys. Jackie jumps out the car and briefly shoots the shit with them. Good to see she's still an attention whore, and these fucks give her plenty. I pop the trunk from the inside and step out. 

“Nigga you almost hit me!” shouts one of his boys standing too close to the trunks.
“Not my fault your dumbass is standing close to the back.” That gets them all riled up, except for Jackie, who plays “good cop”. She stands between us, raising her arms and kicking in the sexy before they get closer.

“Fellas, he has issues. Little bit of the Dumbassification Syndrome. He's harmless.”

“I know who this nigga is.” A blast from the past emerges from the back. Bitch ass Lorenzo. He's older, still blacker than night, but doesn't have shit for sense. He was already a player for Duval, until me and my brother played the game better than him. Duval sent his ass down here to Phoenix to “wise up”. Looks like it didn't help.

“Yeah nigga, you leave then come back for the cash. No loyalty, no honor. That's why you left in the first place. You couldn't hang, bitch.”

I don't say shit. I grab the money bag, toss it at Lorenzo's feet, close the trunk. “You say I'm the bitch who couldn't hang, yet who's the trick still grounded to the valley. Who's the bitch?” I point to his monkey ass, and all he does is mean mug. His boys clown his ass with ohs and ahhs. Jackie walks towards me, glaring and talks in a low voice. 

“Enough! I'm still on the crew, I don't need you making shit worse for me. Let's go.” I'd argue, but I've been wanting to leave after hitting the city limits. First smart thing she's said all night.

Lorenzo's crew is silent as we get ready to leave, all of them listening to some kind of whisper coming from that fuck-up. All are glaring, none are happy. Don't know what the fuck he said, but they give Jackie the same look. First time I've seen her get nervous. She motions for me to drive, and we peel out of the parking lot, taking the exit to I-17 north.

           20 minutes later
Drive faster, goddamit!”

“Shoot more and stop shouting!”

Jackie fires her gun at the Impalas tailing us. Bullet holes make our once beautiful cars

Lorenzo and his crew followed us out of town. They waited until we got past Anthem to start their shit. Duval won't be too happy, but I don't think these fools care too much. They rammed our car from behind, trying to send us off the road, hoping to make us easy targets.

Jackie's quick to react, leaning out the passenger window and blasting with her gun, hitting the driver. The car skidded to the side, and the other four cars continued. I try to keep the car steady so she has easy shots, but her aim is off. She's emptying clips without hitting anything and wasting bullets.

Hit'em already! I'm doing my part, help keep us the fuck alive!”

The fuck you think I'm doing? I'm shooting at them to stay back!”

A hail of bullets shatter the back windshield. Jackie ducks down, I do my best to duck while driving, and something explodes behind me. I try to look in the rearview mirror, and see on the cars swerving all over the road. It hits one side of the railing, bounces off and hit the other side.

Behind Lorenzo's crew are three cars shooting at them. Duval must've had some of his boys follow us up. I'm not complaining. It's just past Cordes Junction where the last car is bumped off the road into a ditch. Duval's crew park behind the downed car, and I skid to a halt, pulling over to the side and reversing until I reach the action.

Fuck this, we need to get back to Grande!” Jackie looks back and forth between me and the crew. “Your uncle's gonna be pissed when he hears about all this bullshit! The fuck we stopping for?”

I dig in my jacket and switch my gun's empty clip for a fresh one. “Nigga's gonna give me answers, is what the fuck I'm stopping for.” I jump out the driver's seat and head to the last two people I'd expect to have my back: Miller and Shawn. Last motherfuckas I'd expect to see here.

Miller and Shawn are standing over that bitch Lorenzo, who's in bad of shape as his car. Shaun's right foot is standing on something that looks like his leg, but it's too mangled and bloody for me to see.

Miller's gun is pointed at Lorenzo's head. He nods at me and Jackie as we approach.

“What's good, old nigga? Figured you'd need some help when my boy Shawn heard you'd be dealing with this trick nigga.”

Y'all are the fuckin' tricks, ya punk bitches! All you motherfuckas lap doggin' behind your fucked up uncle!” He spits a wad of blood on Jackie's boots and laughs. She steps back in surprise, then stomps him a good one on his face. Shawn laughs and pulls her away, kicking and cussing.

I pump a round in his leg. Bastard doesn't have the decency to scream or cuss in pain. He just grabs his leg and laughs at me.

The money he's been sending us? Shit, we started are own empire down here. All us 'fuck ups', the ones who went to jail behind his dumbass and remained loyal? We've had it. Fuck him and all you backwood ass country niggas. We have our own distributors, everything!” He laughs some more, looking at us and flipping us off.

He glares at me, the hate filling his eyes. To me, he's still a bitch.

Gonna get you the best, ya fucken mutt! Gonna get you right at home! We've been watchin' yo ass for a while. Watched you come and go from your house. That boy of yours?” My stomach drops as he starts laughing again. “ 'M taking a page from the beaner familias, puta. Your son oughta be dead soon and his ho of a momma!” Lorenzo flips me off as he coughs up more blood.

I pounce on his half dead ass. I go wild on his face until the flames from the wrecked cars make his blood glow. Not my son, I've come too goddamn far to have this shit happen. Miller grabs me and pulls me off him, only to hand me his gun. I empty the clip in his body.

Grabbing my phone from my pocket, I speed-dial Elyssa, hoping to all hell she answers and her and our son are safe. Yup, another secret I've hidden from Lamar. I swear if we get out of this, he'll know the truth about everything.

Elyssa picks up on the fifth ring.

“What's up, D?”

“Get Lamar and get out the goddamn house! Duval's boys think we pulled a fast one. We've been set up. Get out the house now!”

“Plan A, just like you said. We'll meet you there!”

Hanging up the phone, I look at the surrounding area. Cars on fire, dead bodies, and Miller waiting for me to make some kind of command.

“Get back to Shawn and Jackie and drive far away from here and hide out. Get the money out of the trunk of that car”--I point to a car that's flipped on it's side, trunk smashed open--”and put it in my car. I got plans for that cash.”

Miller heads to Lorenzo's car, then pauses to look at me. “You know he's had beef with you. That's all he'd talk about since you came back. Just some way to get back atcha”. He goes to Lorenzo's car, grabs the cash and puts it in my ride.

Who else is involved?”

Miller nods in the direction of Jackie, who's still making a fuss about her goddamn boots. I walk to her and clock her on the nose, dropping her hard. Shawn's eyes bug out and looks like he's about to say something in protest, but my gun to his face makes him change his mind. I turn my attention back to Jackie.

Bitch, you knew this was a setup the whole time. Back in Phoenix, you said something to Lorenzo to set his ass off. The fuck did you say?”

Jackie sits up, holding onto her nose and fighting the tears. She mumbles something I can't hear too clearly. I pop a round off between her legs, making her jump.

I said you were a fucken snitch. That's a death sentence for anyone.”

So you added fuel to the fire and endangered my kid. Stand up, and get in the car.”

Jackie stands up and flips me off. “I'm ain't going NO fuckin'--”

I punch her in the face and she drops. She yelps like dog as a grab a handful of her hair and bring her face to face with me. “Bitch, if my son is dead, you better hope I kill you quick instead of what I have planned for you.”

I stand Jackie up by her hair and push her towards the car. I turn to Miller and Shawn.

Help your folks and get ghost. Start new lives, do better than this. Make it right for yourself.” They nod at me, and despite how we treated each other, we shake and give hugs.

Save your fam, Old Nigga” Miller tells me.

I get in my car and peel out. Jackie is still holding her nose and face. I bet she's wishing she never fucked me over. I ease off the gas and keep it just over the speed limit. Highway patrols are bound to be on the road now and looking for suspects. I think of Elyssa and Lamar and hope they're alive and okay.