Monday, September 9, 2013


Yes, I'm been MIA big time, and I apologize. I went through a period of self discovery. I had to take a big step back to see if writing is what I really should be doing.

I'll be honest, when it comes to writing, I'm the BIGGEST procrastinator. When I should be writing, I'm playing video games or chillin' with my son. The former can wait, but the latter? He graduates this year and is heading for the Marines. I'm trying to spend as much time with him as I can.

To be honest, I know this is what I want, but I need to get on the grind and just write. I have LOTS of stories (as all writers do), but I don't have time. But, I've learned, if I write something down during my non-busy times, I'd have lots of stories completed. Amazing, huh? Time management works if APPLIED, and not thrown to the way side.

F'N halfbreeds. We learn too slow.

So for people who are actually reading what I write, I apologize. You want to read stories and I'm not delivering. I'll get on the ball and finish what I've started. Like you, I love reading a story that gets my mind off shit for a while. Thanks for being patient with me.

Back to writing. I have folks to entertain.