Monday, December 31, 2012

Full Moon Hunt

He walked in the bar.

She was already sitting, alone.

He approached.

She smiled.

He offered drinks.

She gladly accepted.

He commented on her honey-coated complexion, short black hair, the Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume clinging seductively from her, playing with his senses.

She liked his dark skin, scruffy chin hair, his rugged build, the gold hue in his green eyes when the bar lights hit them just right.

They talked and laughed and danced.

He stole a kiss.
She stole one back.

They continued to steal kisses even as they left the bar and stole kisses down the street to her hotel room.

They ripped each others clothes off and started fucking like animals. Raw and natural, fun and nasty.

She flipped him on the bottom and rode him. 

He loved it.
She pulled a knife from under the pillow and put it to his throat.

Now he's hating it.

“Well fuck, never expected to have my night end like this.” 

“Well sugar, it's all business. Part of the job, actually.”
“The job, huh? I'm guessing hunter, maybe.”

“You guess right. Nice dick, by the way.”

“You're still on it.” He grinds on her from the bottom.

She bites her bottom lips, not letting go of the knife. “I know. Feels good. Thought I'd give you a good fuck before you take a perma nap.”

“Fuck me to sleep, that's a new one” he chuckles. “How about one more round, then we'll see where it goes from there.”

She smiles, still holding the knife to his neck. The hunter starts to grind on him again.

Minutes later, they're fucking like animals, raw and natural. Thirty minutes later, the wolf flips her on bottom, thrusting and growling like the wolf he is.

The hunter throws the knife to the ground. He stops and looks curiously. She slaps the shit out of him.

“You asshole.” She kisses him and the fun continues.


An hour has past, and the hunter still hasn't killed the wolf. She's sliced his ass up pretty good with her knife, and he's clawed her up nicely. Both are bleeding, both are smiling.

“Ready to give up?”

“Ready to die?”

“Better have tried, baby. Pussy was good, though. If yours came in a can...?

She kicks him in the face. “Ohhh you fucken ass! My pussy's too good for a goddamn can!”

He slaps her hard. “Bitch please! That's straight up can status!”

She tackles him into the already wrecked furniture. He's laughing and having a good time while she's getting pissed. She starts wailing on his face, and he still laughs. After a minute of hitting...

“Know what?”

“Who fucking cares!”

“You should. Here's your knife.”

He stabs the knife deep in her leg, the hunter screaming in pain. He throws her off, and grabs his clothes, still laughing. He winks at her as he dresses.

“That eye is mine the next time I see you, asshole.”

“See you around, sweets.” He exits out the door, leaving her beaten and alone in miserable thoughts.

I got too into it, she sighs in her head. That bod, those moves. Fuck, I always do this.

She crawls to her bag, grabs her cellphone, makes a call, and tosses the cell on the floor. The pain's getting worse, but the others will take care of it. They always do.

Minutes later a fellow hunter arrives, but he's holding something behind him.

Hey”, saying through clinched teeth.

Hey yourself. Thinks this belongs to you.” He tosses the head of her wolf at her feet. She looks a the head, silently.

Go ahead and say it.”

Bitch you fucked up. Again. Gettin' tired of cleanin' up your shit.” He kneels down by her wounded leg, roughly extracts the knife, and placing both hands on the wound, he silently says a prayer in Spanish. The wound starts healing, but she still feels like a fuck up.

Thank you. Owing you is becoming a habit.”

You always know how you can repay me.” He half smiles.

She looks at him then at the bed.

She smiles.

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