Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Going Down

My partner fucked up when he killed the store clerk.

It was supposed to be a simple heist: go in, flash the guns, take the money, run like hell. 
No dice. Leave it to my dumb ass partner with a GTA fetish to going in the store trying to show out. We went in, flashed the guns, we asked for the money…then my partner shot the clerk in the chest.

Now we're sitting in a puddle of blood gushing from his leg because I shot him. I lost my cool, what can I say? He stands like a new-born giraffe, and I want to shoot his sorry ass again. He manages to hobble around, collecting the money, and as we’re leaving, shots ring out from behind us. We forgot about someone in the back office. The other clerk wings my right shoulder and I drop my gun. My partner turns around and shoots wildly in the store, hitting nothing.

From behind the counter, I see the shot clerk on his phone, I’m guessing the police are his talk buddies. Finishing that thought, the police show up, 4 deep. Exiting the cars, guns drawn on us and making their way into the store, I know what’s gonna happen, and I’m not going back to prision, no fucking way.

I hug my partner, take his gun, and shoot him in the head. That's the cue for the law to do their thing by lighting me up with bullets. My smile, my middle finger is my “fuck you” exit to them and this shitty world.