Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All Money Ain't Good Money-Episode 7

The house is quiet. Too quiet. Lamar peeks an eye open to see Elyssa standing and pointing her gun at something.

There's a whisper in the air.

Then a blast.

All is quiet again. Elyssa doesn't make a sound as the shot grazes her leg and blood splatters the wall behind her. Lamar gasps loudly and slams his eyes shut, wishing he didn't see that. A strong grip on his arm pulling him up makes him swing in desperation, almost connecting with Elyssa. She rushes him into the wall and holds him tight.

“Lamar, it's okay! C'mon baby, momma's fine.”

Her heart drops as she realizes what came from her mouth. Elyssa's a statue, afraid of looking her son in the eyes at the moment. Lamar stops struggling, a statue himself. What's worse, he doesn't know if he wants to hug or slap her at the moment. Elyssa snaps out of her “oh shit” moment.

“Let's go. No time to waste. We have to meet Damon.”


Lamar holds her hand and smiles. Elyssa grabs her jacket as they leave, quickly putting it on, grabbing Lamar's hand again as she guides them carefully to the back door, stepping over the dead body...and both hear the sound of approaching sirens. She runs with him up the small incline which is the backyard that leads to a cu-de-sac, where Elyssa parked her motorcycle: a Ninja 250r Blue. As she mounts up and Lamar takes the rear seat, her mind on Plan A, she enjoys the indescribable feeling of her son's arms around her waist, his head resting on her back. She's happy, but will be happier once they reach the safehouse.

Elyssa reaches into her pocket and pulls out a Bluetooth earpiece. Placing it in her ear, she starts the bike and drives down the street as several cop cars drive past them. She says a name in the earpiece:

“Damon.” The phone rings twice, a familiar voice answers.

“Tell me everything's okay,” Damon's deep voice states more than questions.

“Everything's okay. We're headed to the safehouse now.” Elyssa pauses, her heart racing, taking a deep inhale-exhale. “Lamar knows.”

The line is quiet. The motorcycle engine breaks the silence. 

“It was a matter of time. I don't blame you.”

“You should, since it was my fault he found out.”

“Still don't blame you. It was either you or me that was gonna slip eventually.”

“Not to change the subject, but we were attacked. I was grazed on the right thigh by a shotgun. I'll fix it up when we get to safety.”

Silence again for a moment. “We're fixing this. Tonight. My uncle's leaving us the fuck alone. Then we're outta here for good.”

“Dynamic Duo together again, huh?”

“Wouldn't have it any other way.” Another pause from Damon. “Sorry for all this, El. Wasn't exactly the way I wanted a family reunion.”

“Damon, I love you. We've given each other something we've been missing from our lives, and that's real love. Now's our chance to start fresh and make a better life for Lamar. Not saying you haven't done a good job, you really gave it a go, but the fat bitch? C'mon, were you that damn desperate?”

They laugh for a minute, with Lamar chiming in. “Really, what was he thinking? Would she have been able to protect me like this? Heck no! The Pillsbury Doughboy wouldn't touch that!”

Elyssa laughs, as does Damon, when she tells him what Lamar said. “Well, Dee, if you starved me from sex like that, that'd give this bitch motivation for revenge, big time. Hell, I'd get payback just to see you suffer!”

It's then that Elyssa realizes the attack on the house, how they knew how to hit it, when to hit it, that someone told Duval's crew how to attack the house.

“What's up, El. You got quiet.

“That bitch gave you up.”

“What bitch?”

“You're fat ass bitch of a wife. She gave you up. I bet it was her who told Duval all kinds of bullshit that's making all this go bad now.”

“Wouldn't doubt it. I'd be no fuckin' surprise for me. And speaking of surprises, I got one for you when we meet up in a few.”

Elyssa beams. “Better be a good one.”
“Damn right it is.”

Damon hangs up. Elyssa's leg is bothering her. The shot must've been more damaging that originally thought. Ten minutes after hanging up with Damon, the safehouse in Baderville come into view, and a wave of peace settles over her. Both her and Damon kept this place just in case of trouble like this. Damon had been out the game for a minute, Elyssa still in it. Both agreed to keep this house on the down low from everyone in case they needed to disappear for a while. Now was the time.


Lamar literally jumps off the bike and run to Damon before Elyssa stops it. Lamar jumps in his dad's arms, hugging tightly and crying on his shoulder. Elyssa lets them have their moment...until she sees Jackie step out of the car, nose and eye swollen. Glaring at Elyssa as she steps around the car and leans against the driver door, Elyssa gets off her bike and steps to Jackie.

“You fucked up. Damon doesn't hit females for no reason.”

“Trick, it's been handled. I don't need--”

“She set me up” Damon cuts in. He tells Elyssa the whole story: the drop off, the chase, the wrecks, the killings. “Still doesn't explain who else besides Duval set this up, but after our talk on the phone, I'm guessing who else is behind this, but I need conformation before we get her.”

Elyssa stands face to face with Jackie. “Well?”

“Ya'll just gotta kill me. I ain't giving up shit, I ain't no snitch.”

“No, but you're smart, and you're a survivor.” Elyssa gives Jackie an evil grin. “You hate me, I hate you. No secret there. I'm getting a name from you, no matter what. So here's the deal...”

Elyssa steps away from Jackie, taking off her jacket, unclips the holster from her belt, takes off her shoes and boot knife. She tosses the goods by her bike and stands a few feet from Jackie, loosening her shoulders like a fighter and pointing to her leg. “You're starting with a handicap. I've been shot in the leg by a 12-gauge and it's starting to hurt bad the same way it hurts looking at your face.”

“Fuck you, cunt!” Jackie raises off the car, but doesn't advance on Elyssa.

“Fuck with me, let's see how far you get!” Elyssa raises her arm, showing Jackie to come get some. “Once and for all. You win, you leave here no problems and we'll wait for Duval to come here to do his worse.”

Jackie slowly nods, now interested. “You win?”

“You give us the name of who else is behind this shit, and you'll still get to live. But you don't tell anyone where we're at. Deal?”

Jackie confidently looks Elyssa in the eyes as she takes off her jacket, boots, and earrings, tossing everything at her feet. She flips Elyssa off.

“Gonna enjoy hearing about the crew killing all your asses. Especially the brat.”

Elyssa says nothing to Jackie, but continues the evil smile. She has no intention of letting Jackie live.

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