Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jinx: Wicked

The game continues, all in a bid to get dad's empire. Oh, I sent the nice beatdown to Claudyne. Did I mention I stomped Alexis head in with my boot heels? Yeah, that was some gross shit, but my raging fit left me satisfied for taking her ex lover.

A text comes through from Freddie, the scorekeeper, as I step out the shower. Says I won this round, again. That's puts me up one round.

Team Jinx, baby! Two more rounds, and the winner gets it all. Gotta make sure I close this out big so there's no sudden death round. Wow, that's sounds corny as fuck and funny at once. Next round starts in a few weeks, and I'll be on my game.

I get a pic message from Claudyne. She's congratulating me on the win,with her taking a selfie kissing Mario's decapitated head.

Fuck two weeks. The round starts now.

Four red lights and three dodged cop chases and I'm finally at the family warehouse. As I enter the building, someone's sitting in a chair with a bag over their face surrounded by a few of my boys. I point at one, telling him to stay put, and toss him my smartphone, motioning him to record everything. I thumb the others towards the door and they exit. I stare at the person in front of me for a bit, the rage building, then crack that asshole as hard as I can, flipping them and the chair back.

Hit me...while I'm..tied up? Pussy...” She's tough, I'll give her that. Being involved with this family, you haveta have some kind of guts to survive our shit.

This time I kick her stomach, her painful groan satisfying me. Yes, her.

Claudyne, you went too goddamn far. Wanna kill ex's who still mean something to us? No problem. I take the hood off her face. Alexis looks at me with betrayal.

The fuck, Jinx! I haven't said shit about you or your--”

Claudyne killed Mario. Tortured him and cut his fuckin' head off.” Alexis' breathing picks up and her eyes bug out. “Family rule, eye for an eye.” I take my jacket off and pull my brass knuckles from my pockets. “By the way, this shit's personal.”

Guess who arrives at my fave restaurant as I get ready to eat dinner? Claudyne, my "fave" sister. Man, she gives me her 'disgusting bitch' look, a certain look she'd give me when I'd do something gross when we were kids, and that's me masturbating on her bed. She plops down in a chair, staring at me.

You're a dirty tramp.”

Jealous I outshined you and mamma in that area?”

You've a ways to go. Only one of us gets the family business. You're wearing down after 5 years of scrapping for papa's empire.” She reaches into her jacket, pulls out an envelop and tosses it by my plate. As Claudyne leaves, she shoots me with a finger gun. Childish bitch.

I open the envelop and it's a birthday card, along with several pictures.

The pictures show Mario, ex-boyfriend, current best friend and still the love of my life, getting tortured and finally decapitated. That fuckin' whore!

I flip the table, cussing and screaming as I exit the restaurant. I whip out my cellphone, making a call I'm not gonna regret.

I haven't visited my sister Claudyne's house in a while. Her bedroom might need a quick makeover.

Her crew tries blocking the front door, they get shot up. Tried stopping me from entering her office, shotgun party. Tried throwing hands with me before I reach her bedroom, I go Mike Tyson on them.

She' s not in her bedroom. Word must've got to her about the hit failing, but I'm not through looking. Dumb bitch has to be somewhere close.

Looking back towards her bedroom door, just about the door frame, I spot a security cam. It's checking me out right now. I'll give you some shit to record, bitch.

I hop on her bed, kick my boots off, strip the jeans and thong, make myself nice and comfortable on her bed, and start masturbating. Oh yeah, Claudyne's always been a neat freak. Can't fuck a guy unless she has towels under her to catch her juice after busting a nut. Soon I'm squirting all over her nice silk sheets and wiping myself off with them. Damn that was a good fuckin' orgasm! That'll teach you to break my goddamn cereal bowl.

I put myself back together and blow a kiss to the cam as I leave. It won't be long now. She'll come find me after my stunt.

The beginning of the day
I just started breakfast when Claudyne's boys rushed through my door. Three of them with guns pointing and smelling of weed. I still eat my cereal as they approach the table. I'm a hungry bitch in the morning, what can I say? They didn't die until one dumbfuck slaps my bowl of Kix to the floor. That's when I snatch him up, stab him in his eye with my spoon, take his gun and shoot him and kill his crew. I turn the gun back on him, shoving it under his chin.

Never mess with a bitch an' her cereal!” Two shots through the head, and he's gone.

I look around my house, my ceiling covered with blood and brains, and my broken cereal bowl on the ground. Someone's getting their ass kicked.

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