Monday, June 3, 2013

Redesign time

It's been a while since posting the last chapter of The Hard Way. Been busy looking for an editor to check my story before self-publishing.

Man, it's a process!

First, I want to redesign this spot. I threw it up just to get my story out there. I didn't care how it looked. I couldn't be more wrong. Folks are visual. They like to look at things that are pleasing, not half assed.

I threw this up half asses, and I don't want that to reflect me. I want it to look pleasing, yet simple. I'll definitely work on it in the days ahead

Back to the editing. Finding an editor can be time consuming, but I'm sure all would-be writers go through this process if their self-pubbing.

Cover, check. Guerilla marketing, working on it. Helping other writers more than myself, about 5 checks.

It's a long process, but very much worth it. It's a learning experience that I know I have to do, since this will be my bread and butter. Hey, gotta write to eat, right?


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